Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chippy Antique Dresser

Hello Friends!
I hope everyone is having an awesome week!

i'm really excited about this new piece i got off of craigslist. i wrote the person 3 emails, not just 1. Yes 3. it was pouring out my finger tips. i couldn't type fast enough. After each email i had to express more about how much i wanted the dresser. After the third email i started to doubt myself and wonder if the person was going to think i was a creep. After all, i did say i knew where the person lived. i had driven by the house many times before. Have you ever wanted to knock on someones door to ask if they would sale something you saw on their property? i've never done it (yet) but always wanted to when i drove by this old victorian house. They had the dresser on the porch with plants inside the drawers. i could see the chippy paint from my car.
She said she had several inquires within the first hour she put it on craigslist. Then she said , "none of them had as much passion as you". : )

i've never sealed chippy paint before so i googled - seal chippy paint- and guess who popped up? None other than the talented Miss Mustard Seed. i've decided to link up with her furniture party. i'm excited for my first link up!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!
Happy Easter!

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  1. its gorgeous! I love the colour combinations. You just cant fake that stuff. I recently purchased a wooden highchair that has the same type of chippy paint and was debating on stripping (incase the paint is lead) or sealing it. Id love to keep it! let me know how it goes, maybe you could give me some pointers.

    Christina x

  2. Absolutely, I would love to! Thank you for being my 2nd follower! : ) Hoping over to check out your blog now.


  3. LOVE LOVE THAT DRESSER....Beautiful Thank you so much for your comment!! Have a great day

  4. Love it! I would have busted down their door too! You really found a treasure! I'm a new follower via Miss Mustard Seed.

  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! I love your style!

  6. visiting from MMS - and am your newest follower - I love that you emailed 3x - So happy that you were the lucky recipent of this piece - it's fantastic!!

  7. You drew me in with your chippiness :) I too just scored a lovely "chippy" number off Craigslist. A sweet pale green hutch - so cute! Congrats on the find. I love me some Craigslist :) So happy to meet a new friend!

  8. So beautiful. I love the chippiness!

  9. Congrats on being featured from Miss Mustard Seed's furniture link, that's awesome! This dresser IS amazing!

    have a fabulous day!

  10. Oh wow! Love that piece, what a great find! I know you were proud to be featured :)
    And your mom did an awesome job on the tablecloth in the previous post. Precious party
    Becky C

  11. PERFECTION!! And I must say that finding your Blog is contributing to my delinquency... I was only supposed to spend a little bit of time Blog Swooning... my Grand-Daughter is reminding me that soon I need to pull myself away to pick her Bro' up from School! *Smiles* Ah, how time flies when you're having fun...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Oh how fortunate you are to have this!
    Its perfect!!
    Your passion was rewarded!
    So happy for you!!

    Deborah xo

  13. ooooooo love this, I recently purchased a really chippy piece, so cool with glass doors, I want to seal all that chippy also. Let me know. blue

  14. I love your blog! So glad to fine it and now I listed you as a favorite blog on my blog! Hugs and Tweets!

  15. Fabulous chest! Good for you for showing your enthusiasm and winning!! I love your beautiful blog!

    Flora Doora

  16. Guess what I found when I googled "chippy paint?" Your gorgeous dresser! One question....did you find it hard and messy to brush on since you left most of the flaky paint intact? I'm thinking of just using a spray clear, as I have on several doors to preserve it's loveliness!