Sunday, July 3, 2011

Santa Barbara Blueberry Picking

I took my daughters to spend the day with their cousins picking blueberries at the blueberry farm located 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara.

What a fun and wholesome activity for kids.
Their little faces lit up while picking those fresh blueberries.
We decided we to bring the kids back every summer as a new family tradition.

i bought those adorable blue jean dresses my girls are wearing at Target last Spring.
i just love them!
i also love those little blueberry picking buckets so much so i even tried buying one. i've seen those little buckets for sale at Michaels so i asked if they sold their label stickers and they said "no.....
those are free"!
Now, i'm on the hunt for some perfect little buckets.

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!

until next time,



  1. how adorable are all those kids!!! i love your little girl's dresses- sooo sweet!

  2. OOoooo the memories of blueberry picking! I am from Vermont but now live in Colorado and how I long to bring my girls blueberry picking like I did as a child. What sweet memories you are making. The kids are adorable and I love those dresses you got from Target. How fun! Loved the photos.


  3. they are so adorable!! :) Those dresses are too cute~ Ive seen little metal buckets at target in the dollar section~ Have a happy 4th my friend!! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. I think these are the sweetest pictures I've ever seen! :)

  5. What a great tradition!! You took some precious pictures :)


  6. Oh my Cheryl how adorable is this? We love going blueberry picking, I wonder if I could get my boys to dress in Jean shorts and no shirts.....LOVE it! Xoxo

  7. Your girls denin dresses with cowgirl boots reminds me of how I used to dress my girls. Oh how I miss those days. And all the lil boys shirtless is priceless.

  8. Those pics are so stinking cute. What adorable kids. Cousins - what a blessing. Happy 4th.

  9. So qute kids on so nice pictures. It was a new kind of way for me to se that you pick blueberrie in that way. You can not find it here in Sweden, we only have blueberries in the forest..Ha ve a nice day!! hugs from Gabriella

  10. Wonderful pictures! very beautiful!

  11. cutest kids EVER! Awesome photographs - have no idea how you got them all to cooperate at the very same time, but they are brilliant shots.

  12. Oh my gosh--they are adorable!! These pics should be in a magazine!!!


  13. I love the outfits and shoes on the little ones.