Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day Trip to LA and First Sewing Project

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Last weekend my fiance's cousin played in a CIF soccer tournament in LA so we drove down there to cheer him on. A few days before, i found myself in Borders to purchase my second sewing book. i've been drooling over this book but didn't have the confidence to make any of the projects. The timing for picking out this book couldn't have been better because i learned that the author has a vintage and french inspired fabric store in Hollywood.

i wanted to buy fabric for a shower curtain pattern in the book but i couldn't make a decision quick enough. My adorable fiance was waiting in the car with our sleeping babies and there were so many wonderful choices! Don't worry, i didn't go home empty handed...... i fell in love with this bag as soon as i saw it.

i passed on a grain sack bag once at a flea market and i've been wishing for one ever since. Just a couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and my loving Mother gave me some birthday money (Do you still get birthday money from your parents? i feel too old! But i truly do appreciate it). "Mom, this is what i bought!".
i Love it! Thank you!

We enjoyed the rest of our afternoon with a bite to eat, more fabric stores and a special visit to a best friend who works at the Saks Fifth Avenue Sisley counter in Beverly Hills.

Finally, we had a gorgeous day here in Santa Barbara and i was able to "use" my first project (i say that lightly because with kids things never go as planned). i made these adorable picnic place mats for my girls.

There's a little pocket for a napkin and a holder for your fork and knife.

i decided to use two different fabrics for a two-sided design. Please don't make the same mistake i made and sew the pocket on after you've sewn the wrong sides together. Make sure you sew the pocket on first and then sew the wrong sides together--that way you won't see the stitching on the other side! Beginners mistake!

This is my first sewing book, One Yard Wonders and where i got the pattern. The projects are adorable and only require 1 yard. Even better, i found this great sew along that goes with the book and they will be making all 101 projects. Sure wish i could keep up!

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

until next time,


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