Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ends and New Beginnings

Hello friends!

i hope you all had a lovely weekend!

i'm not going to be sharing my sewing project with you today because there is something else i'd like to share with you this week.
Saying goodbye is never something easy for me to do. This week i had to say goodbye to a place i hold dear to my heart only because my adorable children deserve all my attention.
i became an antique dealer here last april. i've always loved interior design! You could always find me at Pottery Barn, an antique store or the interior design section at Borders. Once i discovered the world of blogging it taught me how to refinish furniture and repurpose junk. i was hooked!
With my fiance's support, i started out on an amazing journey as an antique dealer. Some of my most rememberable dates with my fiance were the ones we spent at flea markets. He would help me carry my new treasures and also keep an eye out for any junk i may have missed (thanks honey!).

Isn't he adorable?

In December the Carpinteria Magazine did an article on Whimsy Antiques. When i found out the background of the article would be inspired from the walls i painted in my space i was overjoyed! it was exciting when i had the first copy in my hands to see if there would be any pictures of my space...... and there was! Four pictures : )! Down below in the photos i'm trying to show you which pictures are of my space by pointing to them.

if you are ever in the Santa Barbara area you need to take the time to stop by both of Whimsy stores. i promise you will not be disappointed. They have amazingly talented dealers!
Here are a few photos of my space over the last year.

The best part of the entire adventure is the new friendships i made along the way. i think we all know those are better than any treasure we ever find.

Blogs i'd like to thank for their inspiration....

As it's said, when one chapter ends a new one begins. i'm happy to share with all of you that we are moving into a new home. You know what that means, right? i get to decorate! : ) Yay! i'm already looking at magazines, books and blogs for inspiration and i can't wait to share the process with you.

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Thanks for the shout out Cheryl! I love your style! I will be back soon!

  2. Hi! I stumbled across your blog, and came across this post which caught my eye! You mentioned Carpinteria, which is a place my hubby love to visit here in southern Cali. Just recently, my kids and I took an impromptu road trip there, and I was hoping to visit a few antique shops...but they were closed (Sat. evening). Anyway, I think. I might have passed by that shop (if I'm not mistakened). ;) At any rate, you have a lovely blog, and I am now following along.

    Cheers from SoCali,