Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newly Painted Dresser

Hello Friends!

First of all i would like to say thank you to all my followers!
it means a lot to me to have you here!
All your kind words are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

(here is the dresser before)

This is one of those moments where your so excited to paint you forget to take a picture before you start.
Oh well, just imagine it dark brown.
This dresser has been passed down from my fiances side of the family.
it's neat to have a piece of furniture that's been in his family for so long in our home.
i just hope they don't care i painted it white.

This was a very simple and quick job.
i sprayed it with Kiltz primer and then just brushed on one coat of paint.
it looked so pretty i didn't want to distress it.... what's wrong with me?
i usually distress every piece I paint.
Maybe i'll get the urge to get crazy with the sand paper later.
i bought a couple of different knobs before liking these ones from Anthropologie.

On top of my dresser i have vintage French basket,
two French glass jars (the small one is a new addition from Dreamy Whites),
a French book, a vintage glass lamp and two balusters.
The lamp shade is a white linen from Pottery Barn.

My walls are so bare because we just moved in.
We are still figuring out where everything is going.
it will probably be a month or two before we hang anything.
i keep moving things around.

To show my appreciation to my followers i have decided to give a pair of my balusters away,
just like the pair of shown on my dresser.
To be entered all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post.
The giveaway will close Sunday night and a winner will be announced on Monday.

For the first time i'll be linking up with White Wednesday over at Faded Charm and
again at Furniture Friday with Miss Mustard Seed.

Have a great week!

until next time,


UPDATE* I'm sorry yesterdays comments were wiped out by blogger maintenance issues. You'll have to leave another comment if you would like to have a chance to win the balusters.


  1. Pink roses make everything beautiful! The dresser is a success! The glass knobs bring it to life. Nicely done!

  2. Hi Cheryl...gorgeous as usual......have fun with your first link up....get ready to be blown away with new followers ! hugs,

  3. I love what you have done to the dresser, so cute. And all the great things on it, I love it all!


  4. Love it! Gorgeous! I had a dresser with the SAME deco design on the drawer. Must be the same time period!

    Happy painting :)


  5. Very Beautiful Roses !! everything is very pretty.

  6. Oh...I can imagine it brown...and I LOVE it white:)
    Happy WW!

  7. Hi
    Thank you for your vistit:)
    Lovly pictures and it looks great:)
    take care

  8. Beautiful piece. I love how it all turned out.

  9. I have a dresser that I have been dying to paint...I am just a chicken! I put Anthro knobs on it already tho - does that count as a re-do?!
    Lovely job on your dresser...white just looks so clean!
    And who wouldnt love those balusters?!
    Hope you are having fun in your new house :)

  10. New Follower !!!! YAAAY!

    Your dresser turned out great! I can imagine it brown, but it's much better this way! And such nice pretties on top! Perfect!

    Happy WW!

  11. I am so glad you sent me an email so I could find your beautiful blog!:) Im your newest follower~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Great job with the dresser Cheryl! I love your vignette on top as well.
    Thanks for visiting me today.

  13. Perfect, white, fresh, simple! Great Job!!

  14. It looks wonderful! I adore Dreamy Whites online shop, too! :)

    Your children are so cute!

    I am going to put you on my blog roll so I don't miss a post! I heart the same decorating style. :)


    Lara from Air Kiss

  15. The dresser looks wonderful painted white and I love your display on top too! It's so nice to have a special piece of furniture that is passed down and has been in the family for years. Martina